Examination theory work can be dropped off to Robyn the day before the lesson. This will be corrected by her in her own time. This saves valuable time at the lesson.

Purchasing of books on student’s behalf (to be reimbursed later by parents.) There is not one book that suits all students as each learner has different learning abilities. Music books will be individually chosen by Robyn to suit each student.

Second-hand books, in good order, are offered when possible. Parents can sell a used book for two-thirds of the price they paid for it to another student. Books are handed in to Robyn who facilitates the selling of the book. The complete sale price is given to the original book’s owner.

Assistance with purchasing a piano. Robyn is happy to assist families with the purchase of new or used pianos. She is familiar with certain local piano stores and will be able to freely examine all options available to suit your needs. This takes away from parents the ‘over-zealous-ready-to-sell-you-anything” salesman. You can  go to the shop together with Robyn  and she  will play various pianos for you in your price range. Robyn can advise you and you can also hear the differences of each piano.

AMEB theory exams are held at the Box Hill Town Hall in August. It is also possible for students to do an online AMEB theory exam at any time of the year.

Practical Examinations are optional, although encouraged for the younger students. Examinations are held in Robyn’s home, with the AMEB, in late August. Generally, these exams are held at AMEB in Hawthorn; However as a bonus Robyn facilitates the AMEB examiner coming to her home for these exams. This is a great advantage for students and parents, as the piano and surroundings are familiar and parents don’t have to drive into Hawthorn.