Term accounts will be issued at the beginning of each government school term which varies between nine and eleven weeks. Fees are payable in the first three weeks of each term and ‘weekly’ payments are not an option. Families with two or three children learning may pay in two installments per term. A small discount is given of multiple siblings of the same family.

The basic fee for one half-hour private lessons (2018) is $32.50 and includes both piano and theory instruction at the elementary levels. As students progress to higher levels more time is needed.  Contact Robyn for the more detailed ‘Schedule of Fees’ list.

Missed Lesson Policy

Notified missed lessons will incur a half-fee charge if I am (or you are) unable to make up that lesson in that week or the next. Reasonable notice must be given BEFORE the lesson time or the full lesson fee will apply. Robyn will always try to help you make up a missed lesson, but please understand that it is not ALWAYS possible to find a time that suits both parties. It is especially hard to have a lesson made up at the moment, as Robyn has a full schedule of students. This is no ‘spare lesson’ just waiting to use  for make-up lessons. If another student is on camp, sick or away in the week you cancel or the next, then this time will be offered to you. If a lesson cannot be made up, then you will be charged only a half-fee for that missed lesson.

If Robyn has not been notified that the student is unable to attend a lesson, then a full fee will be charged.