What Parents are Saying

  • My daughter has been with Robyn for the last four years. In this time she has passed all of her AMEB theory exams with high distinction. This is due to the commitment and passion that Robyn has for her pupils not only in playing the instrument but also getting the theoretical background that is necessary. She incorporates this necessary knowledge into her weekly lessons. At the same time my daughter passed all of her AMEB exams now trying for Grade 6 this year. She plays beautifully and I love to listen to her. We had other piano teachers before and I could clearly see the difference Robyn's teaching has made to the progress of my daughter's playing.

    Andrea Tabet

  • My son learnt piano with Robyn for a period of eight years. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Robyn made it fun and he loved his weekly lesson. He made great progress and they still stay in touch today. Great experience for all our family.

    Carol Bryson

  • "Both my daughters started taking piano lessons with Robyn a year ago. It is amazing how fast they have learnt from zero knowledge of reading music notes to be able to play a complete song. They were even given the opportunity to perform in public at the old folks home just 5 months after they took up the lessons. Both my daughters enjoy taking the lessons with Robyn because it is always interesting and fun."

    Zoe N

What Students are Saying

  • I learnt piano from Robyn for 10 years. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing she is. Not only as a teacher but as a person and a friend. I started my lessons when I was 7 years old and finished when I was 17 years old, having completed all AMEB practical exams (Preliminary to 8th grade) and up to 6th grade in theory exams. I achieved great things while with Robyn, including an Examination Student of the Year award and Student of the Year award. None of this would have been possible without her patience, persistence and encouragement. There were countless times where she would go above and beyond as a teacher to ensure I succeeded. Music lessons with Robyn were some of the best days I had, with it almost becoming a family event with my Mum, brother, Robyn and her two beautiful dogs there. So many laughs and so many memories :) We still stay in contact today and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!! Thank you for all your efforts, Robyn!

    Sashi J

  • I have just started my piano lessons with Robyn. I had my first class last week and I really appreciate the passion Robyn has for piano. It can be seen in the way she explains the methods, techniques, and history of the fascinating instrument. I look forward to learning more from her!

    Lalita Saripalle

  • My daughter has been with Robyn for the last two years. She is absolutely enjoying her weekly piano lesson with Robyn. With Robyn's professional teaching and prompt feedback as well as tips for parents, my daughter has been making steadily progress. She won two "Examination Achievement" for the last two years, which we are extremely proud. My daughter said that her next goal is to get another award this year.

    Meng Tong

  • I have been learning piano with Robyn for over 6 years and I have always found the lessons very enjoyable and enlightening. Every lesson Robyn teaches me different skills and techniques that have greatly helped my piano playing. She also teaches me how to put feeling and emotion into the music to make the piece more musical and enjoyable. Learning with Robyn is a wonderful experience and I always look forward to each lesson.

    Amanda Y

  • Robyn is actually is mum! I'm now 31 and don't learn from her any more.  Mum took me through all the AMEB examinations from beginner (8yrs) to the final 8th grade(17yrs). She was the only piano teacher I’ve ever had. I had a lesson time slotted in between other students, and was expected to practice and to improve each week just like all her other students. It worked out well. Many times when  I practiced I would often  call out to her in another room  to remind her she was my mum right now not my teacher (!!!). Mum didn’t like hearing me doing incorrect practice because she knew it would not give me the results I was wanting for the exam.  This  was good for me because I'm now proud that I achieved good marks in all my exams. Perhaps I was lucky that my mum could correct my practice every day!!! I still return every year or two to do a duet with mum at the Christmas recital. I really enjoy being a part of this recital  and playing the piano  with her :)

    Bec B

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